Business rates final notice

A final notice ‘cancellation notice’ is issued after either a first reminder has not been satisfied or where a first reminder has been satisfied, and then further payments have not been received on or before the payment due date.

When a final notice is issued, the right to pay by monthly instalments for the remainder of the financial year is lost, and the full year’s remaining business rates becomes due immediately.

Will I be able to pay by instalments in future years?

Yes, at the beginning of each financial year, all business rate payers have the right to pay by monthly instalments. Provided that they pay on or before the payment due date then the right to pay by monthly instalments remains.

I am unable to pay the outstanding amount

Providing no further recovery action has been taken, we may be able to remove the final notice and reinstate instalments providing the following conditions can be met by the ratepayer:

  1. The account is brought up to date.
  2. An agreement is made to pay all future instalments by direct debit.

How and where do I pay?

Please visit the ways to pay business rates page for further information on the range of payment methods available.

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