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Tutbury Community Grant Scheme FAQs

What is the criteria for the scheme?

In order for a project to be considered for the Community Grant Scheme, the following criteria needs to be met for each project submitted:

  • It must be based within a 2 mile radius of Tutbury;
  • It must be spent on something which will be benefit the Tutbury community;
  • The application form must be completed satisfactorily;
  • The group / organisation has the legal right to carry out the proposed project;
  • Your submission does not solely rely on this scheme (ideally it needs to be match funded / sustained through other funding streams).

How will the application be scored?

The criteria that the projects will be scored against, the:

  • Project Proposal: what is the need and purpose for the project – 25%;
  • Project Reasoning: who and how will the community benefit – 25%;
  • Project Status and Funding: what are the projects constraints / risks and funding arrangements – 20%;
  • Project Delivery: demonstrating the deliverability of the project – 10%;
  • Project Value: the value for money overall value to the community – 20%.

Projects will be viewed favourable if they can illustrate matching funding to support the project and not solely reliable on this scheme.  This may be important for the continued future success of the project.

Who will evaluate and make the final recommendation for the application?

The Council will evaluate the submissions based both on the eligible and marked criteria for the Tutbury Community Grant Scheme.  This will provide an initial indication of the level of funding the project could receive.  This information together with a recommendation will be presented to the Working Group who will make the final decision.

Once the Working Group have made their decision they will present their recommendation to Cabinet justifying why the project should receive money from the Tutbury Community Grant Scheme.  Upon making its recommendations the Working Group will provide an explanation as to how this decision was reached.

On allocation of the funding to the Applicant the monies can only be used to deliver the agreed project.  The Council will retain the right to recover any monies that have been wrongly spent or not spent within the agreed timescales.

How will you know if the money has been spent correctly and on time?

To ensure the appropriate and timely delivery of each of the projects, conditions will be attached to the allocation of the grant.  Applicants will be required to enter into a Grant Agreement with the Council.  The Grant Agreement will be based upon your submission and include a commitment to completing a quarterly monitoring returns to the Council.

You will be provided with monitoring and evaluation forms which you will return quarterly to the Council.  The returns will form the basis of a quarterly monitoring report to the Working Group.

Any issues or queries raised through the duration of the project will be raised immediately with the main contact person named on the application.  Also any unused grant money will be returned to the Council which will be used to fund other community based projects.