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Tutbury Community Grant Scheme Guidance Notes

Application Form Guidance Notes

Before you complete the application form, please read these guidance notes carefully and ensure you understand the terms and conditions of this Community Grant Scheme.

These guidance notes will enable you to complete the application form.  Should you have any queries, questions or require the application form in a different format please contact us:

Completing the Application Form

Please ensure your application is clear and provide as much detail as possible to support your project proposal.  If you require an application form emailing to you please request one using the contact details above.

Section One: Group / Organisation’s Details

Provide the contact details of the person who will act as the main point of contact to receive correspondence concerning your application for the Community Grant Scheme.  This will include correspondence on whether your application was successful / unsuccessful, requests for further information or clarification during the evaluation process.  Therefore, ensure the nominated main contact is the best suitable person to provide a response.

Please be aware the primary method of contact will be email so ensure this is included on the application form and is correct.

Also ensure you provide a description of your group / organisation including your main purpose and the regular activities you carry out for the local community.

Under this scheme your group / organisation must have a constitution or set of rules, a copy of which will need to be included as part of your submission.

Section Two: Project Proposal

Use this section to provide a summary of your project and its location / proximity to Tutbury.  The project must be within a 2 mile radius of Tutbury and benefit the Tutbury community to qualify for the scheme. 

You can use a variety of supporting documents to demonstrate your project including: maps, diagrams and plans.  If you do use these please ensure they are easy to understand and ideally in A4 format.  You should indicate in this section the arrangements established for implementation and monitoring of the project.

Your project proposal needs to support any priorities the community may have and the Community Grant Scheme will ensure it supports projects which directly contributes to them

Section Three: Project Reasoning

This section focuses on the reasoning why the project should receive funding and the benefit to the local community.  The scheme aims to provide value for money and most importantly value to the community.  Please ensure in your application you have explained this clearly.

Do tell us:

  • How you intend to use the money;
  • The need for this community project;
  • How you intend to get this project started and completed;
  • How the Tutbury community are going to benefit;
  • Value for money: get your quotes and ensure you know the supplier can deliver quality.

Please provide detail on any known problem, issue or need your project addresses and how you will resolve this.  Also you are asked if you have engaged with the community to ensure this is what they require for their local area.  Please ensure you provide the evidence to support your submission.

Your project does not need to generate an income but if it does we would like to know about this.

Section Four: Project Status

This section is seeking to understand what stage the project is currently at. The project may be ready to go or be already underway but you require additional funding to successfully complete it.  If the project has not commenced please provide an indication of when it will.

Section Five: Partners

You maybe be working as a partnership with other groups / organisations to deliver your project.  If you are, we need to know as part of your submission who you are working with and their role in your project.  A diagram maybe beneficial to demonstrate how this partnership works.  Please keep this simple and easy to understand.  Provide in A4 format.

Section Six: Current Funding for the Project

Please provide details of the amount of grant you are applying for together with a detailed breakdown of the project costs.  Please provide 3 independent quotations with your submission to demonstrate you are sought best value.  This information is required for both the Council and Working Group to fully understand how the money is being spent.  If this level of detail is not provided this may result in the application not being accepted or delayed.

If the grant does not cover the total cost of the project, please provide the full cost of the project and details of other funding you have received to cover the cost.

If your project will have ongoing maintenance costs please demonstrate how this will be met / funded.

Section Seven: Delivery Timescales

In this section you need to provide the timescales for delivering and completing the project.  Include key milestones and identify any dependencies on delivering your project.

Section Eight: Constraints and Risks

You need to identify the constraints and risks that will impact / shape your project and how you intend to address / overcome them.  You should include a completed risk assessment which includes actions on how to manage the risks identified.

Section Nine: Declaration

Please give careful consideration on who from your group / organisation should sign the Declaration.  If your bid is successful the information provided in your application form will be used to form the Grant Agreement.

Bank Details

Before the project starts and any payments made we will need to see the relevant health & safety documentation and insurance certificates.

Data Protection

We need the information you provide to help us decide whether your grant application is successful.  The information will be shared appropriately and if the application is successful we may wish to publicise the details of the grant to encourage others to apply.

Deadline for Applications

The deadline for receiving all applications is 1st June 2021.  Good luck.